Where to find blockchain jobs

Blockchain jobs are growing at a rapid pace in the USA. A report suggests that thousands of companies are involved in blockchain now. According the report published on C# Corner, blockchain companies are hiring C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, Go, Node.js and HTML developers. 
From the report:
The first is the blockchain product companies that are building blockchains. These companies hire software developers, engineers, testers, web designers, and project managers. The skills required for this kind of job are typical technical skills. You don’t need to be a blockchain expert for these kind of jobs. Some of the popular technical skills needed for blockchain developers are C++, Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, C#, Go RESTful, APIs, React, Solidity, Truffle, CSS and HTML.
The second type of blockchain job is companies building blockchain applications using existing blockchains, such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Bitcoin, or Stellar. These developers need to have knowledge of blockchains.
Blockchain jobs are growing. The top 3 countries hiring blockchain developers are the USA, India, and the UK. Currently, the USA has more than 75% of the blockchain jobs. According to BurningGlass, there were only a few jobs in 2012 but the number grew to 1,838 job postings in 2016. The year 2017 saw more growth with 3,958 job postings.
LinkedIn has a listing of 4,065 blockchain-related jobs. San Francisco, New York, Chicago, LA, and Boston are the Top 5 cities in the USA that are hiring blockchain skilled people.
The report also suggests that three blockchain projects that are popular among enterprises are Ethereum, Corda, and Hyperledger.
Jumpstart Blockchain has launched a blockchain jobs portal where companies can post blockchain jobs and potential candidates can browse and apply for jobs.
Check out Jumpstart Blockchain Jobs portal: https://www.jumpstartblockchain.com/jobs/