What Is Stratis Blockchain

What Is Stratis Blockchain
Each week, the Jumpstart Blockchain senior analysts review and recommend one blockchain project that has a potential to disrupt the respective industry. In this analysis and research, we thoroughly review the product, the vision, the team, and various parameters of success of a product.
This week’s blockchain project of the week is Stratis, a platform that is written in native C# and .NET Core to provide a solution to enterprise that are interested in creating chains using C# and .NET Core.
Stratis Platform
Stratis Platform is a set of products, tools, and APIs to build, test, and deploy real-world enterprise blockchain solutions using .NET and C#.
Stratis platform consists of the following components: 
  • Full Node
  • Smart Contracts
  • Sidechains
  • ICO Platform
  • Wallets
  • STRAT Token 
Full Node
The Stratis Full Node is the backbone of the Stratis Platform. It implements both the STRAT and BTC protocol and maintains an up-to-date copy of the STRAT and BTC blockchains. Because of this, Full Nodes can: 
  • Autonomously and authoritatively validate blocks and transactions.
  • Serve blocks and transactions to other peers on the STRAT or BTC blockchain networks. 
The Full Node is open source software and is built in C# using the .NET Core platform. The design of the Full Node is modular and several of its features can be included or excluded from a build depending on requirements.
The Full Node is open source, and you can find the source here on GitHub: https://github.com/stratisproject/StratisBitcoinFullNode
Smart Contracts
Smart contracts can now be deployed on the Stratis Full Node. Like the Full Node, Stratis smart contracts are written in C#. Smart contracts extend the functionality of a blockchain and allow it to map out complex financial interactions through the sending of funds and storage of data. However, as we shall see later in the document, the uses of smart contracts are not limited to financial interactions.
ICO Platform
The Stratis ICO Platform allows you to deploy an ICO in minutes and is available free of charge. 
The Stratis Full Node now supports sidechains. This is achieved using a Two-Way Federated Peg solution. This means that STRAT can be passed to and from the sidechain and the gateway through which they pass is controlled by a federation. The federation consists of 3 or more members who have control of the sidechain.
Like the Stratis Full Node, Stratis sidechains are written in C# using the .NET Core platform. Although this material does not cover any programming tasks, a working knowledge of blockchain topics such as transactions and wallets will be very useful.
To enable users to get started, Stratis has created a sidechain running on the Stratis testnet. It has 5 federation members supporting it drawn from the Stratis Platform internal team. The sidechain has its own token called the APEX. Users can deposit STRAT on the sidechain and in return they receive APEX to spend on the sidechain. Stratis provides a modified STRAT wallet and an APEX wallet to help facilitate this.
One way of understanding sidechains is to think of a sidechain as a foreign country and the Stratis mainchain as the user’s home country. The federation secures an amount of the foreign currency (in this case APEX), which it can loan to sidechain visitors in return for depositing STRAT. When a user returns home, they can relinquish their APEX and withdraw the equivalent amount in STRAT on the mainchain.
Stratis Wallets are used to store and transfer STRAT, a cryptocurrency used on the Stratis platform. Stratis provides two wallets.
Staking Wallet
When diving into the world of STRAT, this wallet is perfect to get you started. Send, receive or stake your coins.
Stratis Electrum
Syncing a blockchain can be time-consuming depending on your internet connection and other factors. If you just want to send and receive, then our Electrum client is just for you. Blazing fast and ready to receive in seconds.
Stratis Identity
Stratis Identity is used to create a single identity that can be used to verify a user via their social media accounts including LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Google. Stratis Identity iOS app allows users to attest their identity on an immutable ledger and share that data with others.
Stratis Identity app creates a permanent, unique record of a person or organization’s identity on the Stratis blockchain and provides permission-only access to that identification. Each online social media profile has information linked to it (username, e-mail, job title, etc.) stored by the account provider.
Key features of the Stratis Identity app include:
  •  Creation of a unique Stratis Blockchain identity, registered and secured on the Stratis blockchain
  • Attest your identity by logging into a selection of social media accounts such as Microsoft, Google and LinkedIn
  • Proof of ownership of online accounts via sharing your unique public addresses and transaction hashes
  • Validate other people’s Stratis Identities using the built-in verification tool
STRAT token is the cryptocurrency that fuels Stratis platform. STRAT was launched in 2016 and currently being traded at $1.41 USD. STRAT’s circulating supply is 98.98 million tokens. Stratis current market cap is roughly $139 million according to CMC.
STRAT is publicly traded on various crypto exchanges including Poloniex, Bittrex, and Bittylicious.
The Team
Stratis was founded by Chris Trew in 2015. Stratis has a team of close to 40 members distributed all over the world. The key members of the team that are listed on the websites.