What Is DAML

DAML stands for Digital Asset Modelling Language, is a new programming language to build digital assets such as smart contracts for blockchains. DAML is developed by Digital Asset, the leading provider of Distributed Ledger Technology for the financial services industry.

As defined on the website:

A succinct, uniquely powerful contract modeling language built specifically for distributed ledgers that unambiguously codifies complex, real-life, multi-party agreements.

Unprecedented analyzability, along with strictly deterministic execution, allows for the development of highly reliable systems with predictable behavior.

DAML SDK is an integrated suite of to develop XAML based distributed apps that provides an IDE, develop, test, and deployment tools.

DAML language features

DAML has built-in features to enable developers to focus on the logic of the application.

  • Development-time feedback catches errors and describes the full behavior of contracts when run on the ledger, supporting the programmer in ensuring the code matches the business intent.
  • Precise, functional language for writing safe contracts
  • Strong type system tailored for enterprise agreements
  • Model rights and obligations rather than the movement of tokens
  • Built-in support to validate model correctness during development
  • Abstracts away ledger details so you can focus on contract logic

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