Top 5 Cities for Blockchain Jobs In USA

Blockchain jobs are growing in America and 58% of large corporations are expected to spend on Blockchain development by 2020.
So, what are the major cities in the USA that are hiring blockchain developers? According to a report published by CryptoFundResearch, New York and San Francisco are leading the charge with most jobs posted on various jobs websites. While San Francisco has the most Blockchain companies, New York City actually has the most number of jobs in blockchain technology.
Top USA cities Blockchain Jobs 
Image source: CryptoFundResearch
Here are top 5 cities from the report.
#1. San Francisco, CA
San Francisco is home to leading crypto exchange Coinbase, cryptocurrency and payment solutions Ripple and Tezos, and some of the most established crypto hedge funds and VC funds such as Metastable, Polychain Capital, and Hard Yaka.
Rank, # of blockchain job listings: 2
Rank, # of top 300 blockchain companies: 1
Rank, # of blockchain startups: T1
Rank, # of blockchain/crypto funds: 1
Rank, unemployment rate: T2
Top Blockchain Companies: Coinbase, Ripple, CoinTracker, Harbor, Tezos
#2. New York, NY
New York is home to Chainalysis, a Bitcoin fraud and money laundering identification tool. It is also home to a large number of crypto hedge funds and venture capital as well as banks like JP Morgan that are in the process of implementing blockchain based payment systems.
Rank, # of blockchain job listings: 1
Rank, # of top 300 blockchain companies: 2
Rank, # of blockchain startups: T1
Rank # of blockchain/crypto funds: 2
Rank, unemployment rate: 20
Top Blockchain Companies: Chainalysis, Celsius Network, tZero
#3. Chicago, IL
Commodity and stock exchanges, many of which are based in Chicago, currently await further clarification from the SEC and other regulators on the viability of exchange traded funds and futures products linked to cryptocurrency. As regulators articulate their position on those issues, there is a distinct possibility Chicago will attract a number of crypto trading funds.
Rank, # of blockchain job listings: 3
Rank, # of top 300 blockchain companies: 4
Rank, # of blockchain startups: 8
Rank, # of blockchain/crypto funds: 3
Rank, unemployment rate: 19
Top Blockchain Companies: Omega Grid, Bloq, Tally Capital
#4. Los Angeles, CA
Though lacking the sheer number of established blockchain companies as San Francisco to the north, Los Angeles is seeing a large number of blockchain startups. LA has a large talent pool as a result of several top universities with strong computer science and technology programs. 
Rank, # of blockchain job listings: 4
Rank, # of top 300 blockchain companies: 6
Rank, # of blockchain startups: 3
Rank, # of blockchain/crypto funds: 7
Rank, unemployment rate: 16
Top Blockchain Companies: Everipedia, Lucid Sight, MyEtherWallet
#5. Boston, MA
The Boston area is also home to an extremely desirable talent pool due to its proximity to top universities like Harvard and MIT. This abundance of skilled talent will continue to attract blockchain startups desperate for employees with engineering and computer science backgrounds.
Rank, # of blockchain job listings: 6
Rank, # of top 300 blockchain companies: 3
Rank, # of blockchain startups: 5
Rank, # of blockchain/crypto funds: 6
Rank, unemployment rate: 14
Top Blockchain Companies: Airfox, Flipside Crypto, Voatz, Circle